Facebook refuses to restrict untruthful political ads and micro-targeting

Facebook has decided not to limit how political ads can be targeted to specific groups of people, as its main digital-ad rival Google did in November to fight misinformation.

Neither will it ban political ads outright, as Twitter did last October. And it still will not factcheck them, as it’s faced pressure to do.

Instead, it is announcing much more limited “transparency features” that aim to give users slightly more control over how many political ads they see and to make its online library of political ads easier to use.

These steps appear unlikely to assuage critics – including some of the company’s rank-and-file employees – who say Facebook has too much power and not enough limits when it comes to its effects on elections and democracy itself.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/jan/09/facebook-political-ads-micro-targeting-us-election