What are the tools you can not live without?

What productivity subscriptions are you paying or like very much?
I can not live without Notion <3 Notion is an Evernote on steroids.
I also use Trello alongside with Notion because the latter doesn’t support recurring kanban cards (at this moment).

I’m also happy to pay for Intercom. It saves a TON of time and, the most important is pleasure to work with <3

Notion, Microsoft to-do (previously was using wunderlist but they moved to microsoft to-do), lighshot, NordVPN, Toggl, di.fm :)

+1 for di.fm. I use it alongside with Yandex.music.

Do you know anything similar to di.fm? I’m getting a bit tired of them, have been listening them for years :) Never used Yandex.music though. I need some kind of background music for focus

Perhaps you will enjoy https://www.brain.fm/ :smile:

Thanks, looks good. I think I’ll mix di.fm + yandex.music + brain.fm :slight_smile:

  • Tasks, Notes: Clickup
  • Music: somafm.com

Thanks for referencing Clickup. They have an outstanding landing page. Gonna use some of their design ideas to get inspiration for my landing page builder.

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