Building a habit

Hey. I’m reading the book “Don’t shoot the Dog!” about training humans and animals. I want to learn ore about how my brain works and how to hack that lazy guy.

I learned the fundamental habit-building mechanism: trigger-action-reward. Building such systems seems like a very fun and creative thing to do - especially if you enjoy programming.

Since I’m a venturous man so I decided to build a chain of habits, not a single one.
A chain is when an action works as a trigger to another action. Here is an example of my habits chain:

  1. Trigger: finishing morning teeth brushing.
  2. Action chain: jogging 5 km + stretching + meditation 5 min.
  3. Reward: checking my social networks (new likes and comments - m-m-m sweet!) and taking a breakfast.

Curious to see how it goes!

What are your favourite habit building mechanisms?