Can't find an idea? Copy a profitable startup! Grab this list of ideas

I frequently talk to startup folks who share their pains and fears. The most asked question is “how did you find the idea?”.

Usually, I do not give direct answers. I do not believe in a declarative step-by-step guiding. I want people to find their answers by themselves. So I just ask questions and listen to what and how they say.

But this time I think I found a universal answer that can help everybody.

So the question: “I do not have any passions, pains but I want to make a profitable startup. What should I do?”.

The answer: copy! Just copy an existing business model with proven market demand. If you add some specific features, if you niche it down, if you are more successful in your local market - you will be profitable.

I suppose you started to sort through all possible ideas. Just relax and allow this thread to do the job :surfing_man:

So here are some project ideas which meet these criteria:

  • It has proven market demand.
  • It solves a real problem that people are ready to pay for.
  • It can be created in a small team or even alone.
  • It can be scaled.
  • Not too hard to compete (e.g. you can create a new to-do list but you will need to boil an ocean to outcompete 10,000 other often free todos).

Pick one of these:

Uptime monitoring

Your competitors: Hyperping (~$3,000 MRR), Pingr.

Landing page builder

Your competitors: Unicorn Platform (~$2,900 MRR), WordPress, Wix.

Form handler

Your competitors: FormKeep, GetForm.

Blog platform

Your competitors:, Teletype.

Logo generator

Your competitors: Brandcrowd, Logopony.

Presentation (slides) builder

Your competitors: Beautiful, Haikudeck.

Public changelog+roadmap

Your competitors: ?

Simple helpdesk with tickets

Your competitors: ?

Simple Zapier

Your competitors: ?

Simple Stripe checkout

Your competitors: ?

Simple product analytics

Your competitors: Fathom.

Form builder

Your competitors: Typeform, PaperForm.

Invoice generator

Your competitors: ?

Simple web scrapper

Your competitors: Scraperapi (~$239K MRR).

Feel free to pick up any idea or add yours in the reply to this topic!
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P.S. Much more competitors can be found on this open-sourced list:


Hi Alex. This is a nice method to find an idea. Copying an existing project which will for sure give your profit sounds wise and way less risky.

But doesn’t it mean I will have to put much more efforts into promoting my project? :thinking:

P.S. Here is another idea to copy:

Instagram/Facebok stories generator

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What do you mean by “Simple Zapier” ? Isn’t the current Zapier fairly simple already? also there’s

Do a CRM!

Every business - big and small - needs a CRM. There are many players on this market, but everybody wants to build a powerful CRM to sell it to huge business for huge money.

Build a simple lightweight CRM for small businesses. Niche it down as much as possible.


Yet Zapier is simple, I believe it can be even simpler. If you need to catch data from forms, you need to set up a Zapier webhook. It is quite challenging.
Imagine such a niched product: “connect forms to Google Sheet”. It is a radically simplified version of Zapier. That is my initial idea :slight_smile: What do you think?

P.S.: Thanks for the referrence to The project looks gorgeous.

My addition: simple email newsletter SaaS.

I found Buttondown on IndieHackers when I decided to try myself as a newsletter curator (kudos to for the inspiration!)

buttondown is awesome. i’m a big fan. hope you enjoy it! :D

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