Discover the Best Hashtags for LinkedIn in a Snap!

Is LinkedIn your primary source of leads and marketing channel? Do you often post content and use hashtags in your post?

Hashtags can be the viral boost your LinkedIn content needs to get more eyeballs. With LinkedIn Hashtag Analytics, you can grow your targeted audience on LinkedIn at a faster pace.

No sign-up required.

With this extension, you can:

• track trending hashtags and keywords in real-time

• eliminate the need to search endlessly on various sites to find out what people are talking about

• get more qualified leads by targeting specific groups of people on LinkedIn with hashtags

• find most popular topics on LinkedIn, great for those who want to build up their network and increase conversions

How does it work?

#️ Hover over any Hashtag on your feed

#️ Start typing a Hashtag on your post to get suggestions and their follower count

#️ Type in the Search Bar next to the chrome extension

This short 1-minute video will show you the ropes!

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