Docbrew new landing page


In my introduction post, I’ve said that I wanted to improve my landing page.
I’ve changed my landing page recently :point_right:

Yes, the first landing page was very bad!

I hope I didn’t leave any typo.

Also, I’ve been advised to add my invoice editor to the landing page. As I’m using VueJS like my app, I can easily build a page with a free version of my invoice editor, it would be great to get some leads this way. I’m planning to add that ASAP :nerd_face:

Added a new change. As I’m using VueJs, I was able to add a simplified version of my invoice editor, so people can see right away what Docbrew offers. Let’s what happens, maybe it can be more integrated :grinning:

Which one should I click to get the invoice?

They all look the same :slight_smile:

Do this:

Oh, I see. There is the free invoice generator that is self contained but it’s not visible enough and there is the page CTA. My bad, it’s confusing! :sweat_smile:

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