Does no-code have a big future?

Hi guys. I’m a programmer with over 5 years of experience in the software development industry. I started my career as an HTML coder, now I’m a fullstack web developer.

I love making things automated. That boring routing should be definitely delegated to robots.

As I can see, the no-code movement is gaining momentum out there. And in the future everybody will be able to easily automate their routines.

One thing I do not understand: how huge this movement will be. Will no-code help with simple straightforward tasks only or we will be able to partly or completely remove coders from some processes in big complex industries such as banking?

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I believe in no-code. It can solve a lot problems of huge companies. Today they have to pay salaries to do repetitive tasks which can be easily automated with tools like Zapier or

Of course, huge companies have coders in their teams and they can make automations. But managing teams is always slow in big corps…

This is where no-code can help. A manager no more have to rely on coders to do some basic automations.
I personally think this movement will become huge.

Hey guys! I just learned about the no-code movement. Could you please share some examples of no-code projects? I need some inspiration :smile:

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