E-sports in a modern world

Hi everyone, my name is Asad and I live in Moscow. I am a front-end developer and amateur e-sports analyst. In this topic, I want to discuss e-sports in a nutshell.

First of all, what’s e-sports? It is playing video games competitively for a huge prize pool. For example, last The International 2019 tournament prize pool was $34,300,000 and the winner took away $15,620,181. So you can see, that they don’t play for just fun and there’s much motivation behind it. So I think it’s one of the greatest types of sport for a younger generation to do what you love to do and make a career with it.

There are a lot of different disciplines of e-sports and I am interested in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). I have several ideas about creating an educational platform and content on YouTube/Twitch and currently working on it. I am going to tell you about them in my future threads. Stay tuned!

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Hey Asad :wave: It is great to have an e-sports expert here!

I’m a huge fan of CS too :smile: I literally spent half of my childhood in the de_dust2, de_train, de_aztec, fy_poolday, etc.
The “kz_” type maps are what I especially love in CS. I’m unsure modern players are familiar with it, but in my days the climbing type maps were popular.
I would love to watch a “kz” tournament. Is there any?

P.S.: Would you like to lead a dedicated category for e-sports in this forum? That would be cool!

Hi Alexander, I am happy that there is my soulmate here:) I would love to lead the e-sports category in this forum. With great pleasure.
And yes, KZ maps are still popular in CS:GO. However, Aztec and Poolday left us :worried: There are some gossips that the legendary de_tuscan where Edward did his unforgettable ACE with USP-s is going to be added to CS:GO.
I like to practice more with AWP because it’s very powerful and in the right hands can make a great impact. So I am trying to make my hands “right”:)
Also, CS:GO is beating all the records. Yesterday, it beat the Dota 2 daily peak of active players. There were 1,300,000 gamers playing CS:GO at a moment.
And some insiders tell that CS:GO is going to be moved to Source 2 soon and that should cause even more popularity of the game. So I think this is one of the most perspective disciplines. Anyway, everyone plays what he want to play.

If anyone has questions about e-sports, I will be happy to dig into the discussion.

I would love to lead the e-sports category in this forum. With great pleasure.

That is going to be so awesome! :partying_face:
I’ve added the new “E-sports” category. Besides, I’ve granted you rights to create categories. Thus you can create new forum categories inside the main “E-sports” category if you wish. This can be done this way:

I believe the exploding e-sports industry will attract more and more makers to build useful stuff for pro gamers, for streamers, for regular gamers, for betters etc. This is an opportunity for us to host those makers!

We definitely need to go “one-on-one”. I will show your a real AWP skill :sunglasses:

But I don’t have a powerful enough setup here in my home. If you wish, we can play together after the quarantine: I will just go to the nearest gaming club.

Sure, we can even have a meeting after the quarantine and make a tournament among IT specialist :grin:

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