Elevate Your Sales Game with Mindreader's Personality Software!

In the world of high-ticket products, sales organizations often face challenges with low conversion rates. Mindreader addresses this issue by providing just-in-time sales advice with practical application, backed by a sophisticated AI personality engine. Its sales profiling system has been taught in leading firms such as AIA, DBS and ERA. Mindreader’s solution mainly caters to salespeople in industries such as insurance, banking, and real estate where relationship selling is key. It helps adapt and influence different psychological types of individuals they interact with.

Key Features

  • AI Algorithm: Predicts cold profiles based on clients’ digital traces from social media, WhatsApp, and more. All you need are photos of your client or text of 250 characters written by them to make an accurate prediction of 70% or more.
  • Chatbots help salespeople save time by writing product scripts.
  • Has roleplay chatbots to help salespeople practice their pitch before meeting clients, improving their confidence and preparation going into meetings.
  • Offer quizzes designed for salespeople to send to their clients, ensuring more precise personality profiling. Additionally, provide quizzes for sales professionals to take, helping them assess and enhance their sales skills.
  • Offer a Masterclass course to onboard salespeople to our simple yet comprehensive profiling system to help them close better.

Why Mindreader?

Mindreader aims to increase understanding in the world by connecting people better. Leveraging technology, its mission is to scale personalized communication across various industries.

New UI Launch

Excitingly, Mindreader recently launched its new user interface (UI) to enhance clients’ experiences on Mindreader. The new UI introduces a modern design, improved navigation, and additional functionalities, making your journey even more seamless and enjoyable.

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