Embed feature-rich virtual meeting rooms into websites and applications

Established in 2003, Digital Samba is the pioneer in developing a video conferencing API and video chat SDK, specifically designed for the stringent requirements of the European market. Entirely made and hosted in Europe, we offer a platform that is not only genuinely GDPR-compliant but also provides a secure video conferencing experience. This solution integrates seamlessly into websites or various applications, from telehealth to event software.

With a design ethos focused on creating minimalistic yet feature-rich virtual meeting rooms, Digital Samba masterfully combines functionality with ease of use. Our service suite includes HD-quality group video conferencing, screen sharing, ‘hand raise’ feature, AI-generated captions, and secure cloud recordings. Additionally, full-screen view and pinning, along with support for English, German, and Spanish languages, enhance the user experience.

Stability and smooth connectivity, ensured by advanced bandwidth management, error detection, auto reconnection, and a staggering 99.99% uptime, are at the core of our service reliability. With a stringent focus on user security and data privacy, robust measures like anonymised user IDs and token-based security are implemented. In essence, Digital Samba stands as a reliable ally for businesses seeking a secure, user-friendly video conferencing solution that can integrate easily into their existing systems and applications.

Website https://www.digitalsamba.com/
Blog https://www.digitalsamba.com/blog
Twitter https://twitter.com/getDigitalSamba
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/getDigitalSamba
GitHub https://github.com/digitalsamba/embedded-sdk

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