Finding work-life balance

When you work on your own project you can not stop. Especially if the project is gaining notable traction.

A huge risk of burning out is slowly approaching. Be sure that if you work 6 days per week 12 hours per day, you body will someday say “I’m done”.

So what do you do to avoid burning out and live a healthy balanced life? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I follow these 3 strict rules

  1. Close laptop home at 6:00 PM. No working in the evening. Spend time on doing sports, hobby or hanging out with the family. A huge no on all work-related questions in the evenings.
  2. Going on vacation twice a year.
  3. If you feel sick on the work, switch to another project for a couple of days.

This is it. All 3 rules are about one thing: do as less work as possible :upside_down_face: