Flash UI by Figr - Get editable UI of popular apps in a click

Flash UI by Figr provides editable designs of top apps. Each design you see on Flash UI can be copied to Figma and edited any way you want. Browse through popular apps and get tailored recommendations to find the best inspiration. Design like a pro with Flash UI by Figr. We provide more than just screenshots.

Explore our 3000+ library of user interface (UI) Screens from 200+ popular products for your design inspiration. Flash UI by Figr allows you to grab Figma frames for every screen pattern and design in our collection, giving you editable templates to work with.

Flash UI by Figr streamlines the design process by providing a one-stop shop for inspiration, research, and editable design files, so you can focus on building great products.

Website: https://flash.figr.design/
Product Hunt : https://www.producthunt.com/products/figr-design-research-simplified#figr-2-0
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/figrdesign/