Gossip: Short Voice Stories!

Hey guys!
I am Gleb, CEO and founder at Gossip, super excited to be here! Me and our team would love to share what we are working on and get some feedback from all of you!

  • Product: Gossip: Short Voice Stories!
  • Our product allows users to create and share voice stories that expire every 7 days. Because who want’s to listen to the old stuff?
  • We strongly believe in voice being one of the most important parts of human communication. Our mission at Gossip is to give people a fast, fun and engaging way to share their stories, ideas and emotions thru voice.
  • Fully remote team (US, Europe, Russia).
  • We are at 500 MAU and growing, last month we had over 10,000 unique gossip plays!

We’d love all of you to check out the app - our team appreciates any feedback! I am happy to talk with all of you - shoot me an email at [email protected]!

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