Hi, I'm JP from Montreal 👋

Hello, all!

I’m JP, a developer, and entrepreneur. I’m originally from France but I’ve settled at Montreal 7 years ago now.

During the day, I’m a developer at a SaaS company I’ve co-founded. I’m also making side projects that I hope one day will also be a great SaaS tool one day.

My latest side project is called Docbrew, it’s a tool for small and medium businesses to create invoices! I’ve got many ideas but I’m taking my time to learn about validation. :nerd_face:

My quick todo list:

  • Improve the landing page
  • Validate, exchange with interested people.
  • get users

I look forward to exchanging with you!


Hello JP! Nice to meet you here :slightly_smiling_face:

Improve the landing page

I see your landing page is single page application. This means you built yourself and you host it on your own servers. Thus you can embed your invoice generator right inside your landing page and allow visitors to create an invoice without signing up. This will do the “wow” effect and increase the conversion.

Also, check your page copy in Grammarly for minor mistakes like this one: image

Oups, thanks Alexander, you’re right about the typo!

Indeed, I need to bring the invoice generator to the landing page to allow visitors to try it and convert eventually. I’ll add this to my todo list :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi JP! Why did you decide to make an invoice tool? Was it a pain that you had personally, to deal with invoices?

Hello Valentine,

I’m in contact with some freelancers and I 'm seeing that Freshbooks is too expensive or complicated for them. I’m still learning and thinking about what features need to be done :slightly_smiling_face:

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