How is your isolation going?

I wonder how are you doing? Can you work or learn from home with the same passion and productivity level?

My organism is rioting against working from home. I know all those recommendations such as rituals, schedule, context etc. But those just do not work. I experimented a lot in the past and I already knew it.
That is why I can only work for 3-6 hours per day. And even this number of working hours requires a lot of caffeine to keep.

I hope this will end soon and I will get back to my regular schedule with an excessive amount of sport and dedicated working space :grimacing:

  • I’ve got a productivity boost! :rocket:
  • It is OK. Nothing special.
  • It could be better :cowboy_hat_face:
  • I can barely work! Please get my coworking/office/cafe back! :sob:

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Generally didn’t feel too much a difference since the quarantine started in my country (it’s on from mid-March or something).
I work remotely so the work regime is 100% the same for me with the quarantine as it was without it.
I also study in a university, and this is a part that changed a lot – my university went also went fully remote, so I’m now reading lectures and taking exams via their online-platform. It’s really weird but even save some time on commuting to/from university, and therefore also OK.
What’s irritating is how difficult it is to properly exercise under a lockdown – I don’t have many equipment at home, so I can only workout with my own weight, and that’s not the same thing. So I feel like I’m getting weaker by the day, coding and such. :grinning:

Isolation? Where? It has been my lifestyle for a long time already)

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Oh I feel you! I’m missing regular trainings so much.
Working with my own weight is different. It feels different and to be honest it is way less fun than training in GYM, pool or with a ball (e.g. basketball).

Well, I found somewhat unique motivation for me. The things is, when something extraordinary happens, for me it’s the secret time to do something, and then, when the extraordinary event ends and everyone get out of it, I can show some results while others dont.

It’s like a competition.

Currently I’m actively doing sports (I bought necessary equipment right after all fitness centers were closed) because I want to get out of isolation having lost some weight. Also, some fun fact: I’m a person who easily gets distracted and talks too much. In order to prevent this, I wake up early and do my project while everyone sleeps :)

So after isolation I hope I’ll loose like ~6kg and finally run my project, isolation acts as a deadline.

Same for crisis. Crisis = cool, time to buy some stocks :) Though I don’t have money right now, but if I had, I would do this.

Regarding practical tips. Caffeine helps in the morning. But in case you’re the person who don’t mind using other stimulation, I’m trying some sportive stimulants which are way more effective but keeping in mind of side effects.

But indeed, I would prefer to work somewhere else.

On the other hand, getting out of home is now like a treasure time, I appreciate this time much more now :)

Man, you are so cool. I envy you! :smile:

Caffeine helps in the morning. But in case you’re the person who don’t mind using other stimulation, I’m trying some sportive stimulants which are way more effective but keeping in mind of side effects.

Yeah, I started to use a lot caffeine in the last weeks too.

Sports helps, but I started to be too afraid to go for jogging because cops can arrest me and put in jail for a few hours. Where I will catch corona for sure.
Perhaps this is just paranoia. I do not know. I’m completely lost in my mind and do not know what to think :grimacing:

Hehe, this is why I bought some workout staff like dumbbells in advance :) Today I also tried new fatburner and I’m want to run like 10 km :D

But I’m afraid of cops too, so I only visit nearest shops and that’s it. Way too many cops out there

I love the One-punch-man routine. It is dead simple and cool. You just do 10km, 100 push ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats every day.

I usually do this workout in summer: running on grass with bare feet is something that gives a lot of energy.

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Be careful with bare-feet running though. It’s bad for your spine - even running on a regular road cover in sneakers or trainers is. The safest running routine is to run on a semi-soft cover (e.g. in a park) in good running trainers. At least that’s what I’ve learned from some sports resources…

You just ruined all the fun :crying_cat_face: :smile:
But of course thanks for letting me know. It was super important to notice.

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