HR recruitment automation

  • Sourcing of the candidates

  • Prescreening on the basis of initial conversation with the candidate

  • Analyse technical & communication skills in minutes.

  • Speechbot connects with candidates to know their interests, qualifications and understand their skills.

  • Speechbot gathers information about applicants to quickly update their profiles. It also answers the candidate’s questions and shortlists them on the basis of objective criteria.

  • Engage candidates immediately and at any hour.

  • Speechbot provides candidates with ongoing updates, feedback and guidance throughout the process and can answer questions in real-time.

  • Schedules the interview of the shortlisted candidates with the hiring manager.

  • Releases offers to the candidates that clear the interview + Post offer engagement.

  • Seamless integration with all kinds of leading applicant tracking systems is possible.

  • And we make this all in a couple of hours.

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