Hyper.io Beta Testers Needed

Hey Guys,

I’d like to introduce you to hyper.io. We’re now in Beta and would love for you guys to sign up for a free account and try our SaaS platform for developers.

hyper is a dev-ops team wrapped in a single API. Our easy-to-learn API manages data, cache, storage, search, and queue services.

Okay, it’s confession time :grimacing:.

A long time ago, way before hyper, we may have contributed to codebases that may have turned into a big pile of :poop:. As new features were attempted, unintentional technical debt and complexity increased. Our product slowly became intertwined and deeply coupled with the underlying services. We sacrificed quality to deadline pressure. Our developer happiness turned into frustration :exploding_head: and developer retention suffered. Adding developers and site reliability engineers frankly didn’t solve the problem. Maybe this sounds familiar to you.

hyper - Back-end services and dev-ops wrapped in a single API. | Product Hunt

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