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Fun fact: we have a Trello-based roadmap.

Hi! i really want (need) an option to send the form inputs directly to an email address of choice. My clients don’t really work with zapier or mailchimp. They just want the input in their inboxes.

Hey robn! We have such a feature on our todo list. Unfortunately, I can not tell you an ETA on this now. But I will notify you when it is ready.
Zapier is the only option at this moment.

Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll will take a look at zapier again :).

Would it be possible to do the same thing with mailchimp? So receive form input > mailchimp sends confirmation to client and recipient?

Good idea!
AFAIK, Mailchimp has daily and weekly email notifications, but it is not something you need.

A option will be to get instant notifications in a Slack channel via their integration: https://mailchimp.com/integrations/slack/
Perhaps you can find more integrations in their marketplace: https://mailchimp.com/integrations/

I just stumbled on this.
You can use splitbee.io automations for that!

It allows you to send mails/telegram/webhooks if an event occurs. You can trigger the event by adding a HTML attribute to the form or just running a js code!

I would love a hero element that included an iPad or tablet equivalent as a part of the featured devices.

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Got it! Thanks for the idea.

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