I'm launching a startup that allows you to create newsletters using AI

Hey :wave:,

Mac here - co-founder of Neural Newsletters. I wanted to jump in and share how we came up with the idea to create an AI tool that automates the newsletter creation process and get feedback on what we’re building.

Hopefully this story is valuable to you. At the end, if you see value in this tool, perhaps you want to give it a try.


How did all this come about?

Well… I was reading a newsletter last month on all the cool new AI tools that were coming out… and I thought “Huh… what if there was a product that could create newsletters using AI?

After seeing how quickly the newsletter market was growing on Twitter, I figured why not see if there’s any real demand for this type of tool. And you know what that means - cash in hand.

And so… I threw up this landing page, posted on a few AI directories… and… voila! Leads started pouring in, to the tune of hundreds.

Cool, we had people interested. But it wasn’t really a true gauge of whether this was a product worth pouring time and effort into.

So… to get the validation barometer whizzing, my co-founder Tanveer suggested we throw up a pre-order page to see if people were willing to pay for this tool before we started putting a product together.

Let’s just say it went better than expected, considering we tried our hand at a few previous projects, and they all generated 0 paying users.

Since our active users joined, we’ve been tirelessly developing features around the clock to address their research and newsletter creation needs.

And o-boy, I have to tell ya, we’re having tons of fun doing it.

Having run businesses in the past where we came up with all the ideas, instead of our customers, it’s refreshing to work with people in the community to build a product that actually serves their needs.

Which brings me to the reason why I’m making this post.

There’s 2 reasons…

  1. We’re looking for more users who might run newsletters and want a more efficient way to create them. We’re working with our users to help shape our roadmap, and are deploying those features in weekly sprints.

  2. To join the #buildinpublic community, share our progress and see if we can connect and add value to other indie hackers or SaaS entrepreneurs.

I’d be curious to hear any feedback about what we’re working on, how our landing pages are positioned and the concept in general.

Feel free to ask any questions or provide constructive feedback!

Thanks a bunch :v:,
Mac & Tanveer.

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