I'm Valentine. I'm building a distributed team of product makers, a knowledge base for business and product-management, and an open-source food delivery app

Generally, I’m trying to test as much hypotheses as possible in a given time period. Recently launched mayweleave.com which got featured on Product Hunt on the launch day – it’s a list of dates and general border statuses for different countries of the world. I launched it because I was confused as to when the country I live in (Austria) and other countries will open their borders for travelers. I haven’t updated it for a while so it’s slightly outdated now, but I’ll get around to it in a couple days, promise.

I’m also currently building Integrity with my team – it’s a community (I like to call it a think-tank) of people doing UX research, product development and product marketing. We’re currently undercover, but will go public soon and share the stuff we managed to build by now.

Doing wrenches.io , which started out as a collection of links I found useful when building my businesses and products, but is now a guide on how to create actually meaningful products.

Joined this community because I enjoy discussing these kinds of topics. Sure it will be fun, so cheers everyone. Take care


Hey Valentine! Nice to meet you here man :smile:

I never heard about such thing as a secret band of product guys building something. it is something new.
In the makers community it is a default to tell everyone about your progress :thinking:
So it made me truly curious about what you are your friends are doing.

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