Kbee: Build a professional knowledge base on Google Docs

Hey everyone! My name is Sai and I live in San Francisco. My cofounder and I recently launched Kbee. Kbee lets you build a searchable knowledge base straight from Google Docs. We built and launched Kbee in under a week in response to our frustration with the knowledge base tool we were using for another project.

To build a knowledge base with Kbee, all you need to do is write an article in Google Docs and relax. Kbee takes care of creating a searchable and branded knowledge base that you can share with internal or external users. Anytime you make an edit or update to the Doc, Kbee will reflect those changes in your knowledge base.

We’re currently offering a free subscription to the paid features we’re planning to release in exchange for feedback.

Would love to hear what you like and (more importantly) what you hate.


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Hello Sai and welcome to Broadwise.org!

Kbee looks very cool. What a sophisticated idea!
I have a question about the pricing model: what will happen if I go beyond 3000 views?

Hey @alexanderisora thanks for the kind words and the great question!

  • If you go beyond 3k views, we’re experimenting with billing per page view. Tbh, we’re very open to feedback on this. How many pageviews would you expect your knowledge base to have?

We are hosted on Crisp (https://help.unicornplatform.com/).
I do not know how many views we are getting.

To me, it would be a frustrating experience to not be able to calculate a price for a service. This is why I quit Intercom by the way.

Hey @alexanderisora sorry for the super long delay in responding to this! We actually heard this feedback from a few folks and ended up doing away with the Pageviews limit! Really appreciate your feedback here!

Along with this, we’ve added a bunch of new features including an analytics page to help teams understand which articles are being viewed most frequently and how often their knowledge base is being used

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