Launching a new tool for parents to guide their kid's learning!

I am Alexandra, a mom of two and co-founder of Livada an all-in-one education planner that will help your kids explore new interests, nurture passions, and deepen their skillset.

Livada is an intelligent education planner designed for parents to support their children in cultivating their interests, skills, and life opportunities. Our tools covers everything from activity planning to hobby management, university planning and career exploration, empowering parents to make informed decisions that align with their child’s aspirations, the family budget, and the demands of the modern economy.

As parents, we want our children to love learning. The most powerful motivation for children’s learning comes from intrinsic motivation, so it’s essential to nurture their learning based on their interests. This is where Livada comes in – our mission is give every child the space to explore without limits and become all they can be.

We have recently launched!

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