Looking for feedback ( Single-page website builder )

Hello everyone,

We are building a single-page website builder. I started it as a side project with my friend because we were passionate about building something like this for years. We have designed and launched our beta homepage 2 weeks ago to get early testers. The homepage is built with our builder without writing any code.

Here is the link https://dorik.io

I hope our homepage will explain what it is and how it works (If not, Please share your feedback on how we can improve it).

Any feedback will be really helpful. :-)


Greetings Mizanur! Nice to see you here.

Your front page looks really amazing! The colors, typography, margins, shadows - top notch design work. You got my heart. I already signed for the beta. Looking forward to talk to you!

I have a question about Dorik. Perhaps you already have been asked for this :sweat_smile:

How is Dorik different from Divy, Webflow and other similar products?

Thanks for the feedback. :smile:

Glad to know that you have liked it so much. :heart:

First, We already have some existing users for our premium and free templates. Our main feature will be our templates and blocks with the easy-to-use builder where users can customize/edit everything. Also, anyone can build a website from scratch using the builder. We have tried to give all the basic CSS features and some advanced CSS features in the builder. The main goal is to make it powerful yet easy to learn and use.

Second, As you mentioned Divi and Webflow. Our builder works more like Divi and other WordPress builders. but we also provide features like hosting the website, export the HTML/CSS/JS (like webflow).

We have built the product based on our experience with our existing users. Right now we are trying to gather feedback from experts and users from different platforms. So we can get new suggestions and improve our product.

Hopefully, we can win more hearts. :smile:

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