Looking to make first hire? Learn on other peoples mistakes

What questions you have and what problems you came across? Just leave your question here and I’ll be happy to help.

Just finished interviewing a guest on my SaaS Boss podcast where we talk about making first hire and team management mistakes, let me know and I’ll share more info.

Hey Natalie! Nice to see you here.
Perhaps you can help me with dealing with my fears? :smile:

I’m too scared to hire the first developer. I do everything by myself, but I know I should hire someone to grow.
What if they fails? What if I spend 100 hours on onboarding a developer and they decide to leave? What if they ruin something? What if they spend x10 times more and create x0.1 less quality code that I do?

Developers today cost A LOT. So hiring a decent coder will burn 80% of my monthly recurring revenue. So I’m risking a lot and therefore I’m scared to try it.

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I share your fears.

You know, I’d better hire designers, content managers, UX researches etc, but when it comes to my app, I’d prefer to develop it myself.

You know what. I remember when I read a post from ex-devops of vk.com, when he was blaming Pavel Durov. What draw my attention is the screenshots of their discussion of vk.com, in the very early stages when it was being developed.

And you know what? It was like dev-ops telling Durov about mysql bugs, Durov was fixing them. And it looked like he worked almost alone (probably with his brother). And that’s fine :)

In my opinion hiring a dev or a team is an option when you have large budgets.

I’m working at IT company and I often asked to estimate deadline and sometimes budgets. So, okay, we need to build some kind of web app. We need:

  • Designer (1 month)
  • Frontend dev (3-5 months)
  • Backend dev (3-5 months)
  • QA (1 month)
  • Manager (1-2 months)

Nice, do you have 5 millions including taxes? :slight_smile:

Except paying a dev, you’ll need to review it’s code, and you got tons of risks. So it my opinion if it’s okay I’d develop myself. But, when it comes to mobile apps where I just don’t have any knowledge, then yes, two says: pay a lot or live without app.

In order to make risks lower however, I’d consider working in sprints and paying some amount of money per sprint. So 1-2 weeks will be enough to understand if the dev is okay. But still you’ll spend a lot of time to review and manage him.

I think we put too much meaning in our products. It seems we take our projects as a part of ourselves. An we express ourselves by showing off our works.
We share our talents to heal our ego.

Is this a proper way to build a business? I think no. It is an unstable fundamental for a business because if you find another way to make your ego feel good you will quit your project. But SaaS requires a many years commitment.

Considering what I said above, would you change your opinion? Just curious :slightly_smiling_face:

I think if I had a lot of money, I’d hire the whole team. It’d an investment, money investment.
But in our cases it’s like trying to invest it building a house while you don’t have any money.

I’m thinking about our products as a “home business”, trying to start from scratch. As soon is something will produce much revenue, I’d start investing in other things (projects, stocks, etc)

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