Need feedback on the project: an online community

Hey. I really need a portion of feedback here :smile:
Could you please share what you think about this project? I mean

I do not feel comfortable talking on the modern channels. I’ve tried online chat groups (Telegram, Slack), Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Indie Hackers. But all those do not give me a deep experience.

New topics are placed in a single streamlined feed. 24 hours (sometimes seconds) later the new conversation will be forgotten. This passing-by experience kills a desire to dive deeper into the discussion, develop meaty conversations. To contribute more.

I’m sure an old-school categorized forum is perfectly designed for this. Topics can last for months or even years, providing a huge variety of opinions and insights.
This is a golden find for strangers and the community members!

I’ve searched the whole Internet to find such a community. All the startup-related forums I found are dead and forgotten. This may be an evidence of a little demand, but I think this just means it just needs a right approach and vision.

I believe a fresh look on this ol’ good category-driven topic structure can bring something new to the startup world.

What do you think? :cowboy_hat_face: