NeoApps.AI is on Producthunt

:rocket: Exciting news! Our latest project, NeoApps AI, is now live on Product Hunt! :tada: Whether you’re a seasoned developer or someone looking to create apps with little to no coding experience, NeoApps AI has got you covered with its powerful AI tools. Check it out and give us an upvote if you’re intrigued! Let’s empower everyone to bring their app ideas to life effortlessly. :bulb: #AppDevelopment #AI #NeoAppsAI is a revolutionary SAAS platform that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform the way applications are developed. This groundbreaking platform provides an intuitive interface, enabling users to effortlessly design databases, craft APIs, and create front-end interfaces. Moreover, it utilizes an AI-driven chatbot to comprehend user requirements, formulate user stories, and design precise specifications, ultimately automating the creation of databases, secure APIs, and endpoints. supports the development of diverse applications tailored to various industries, ensuring customization and scalability to adapt to evolving business needs.


AI-Driven Application Development:

An interactive chatbot that understands user requirements, formulates user stories, and designs precise specifications, autonomously generating databases, secure APIs, and endpoints.

Industry-Specific Modules:

Development of tailored applications for various industries, including education, real estate, e-commerce, and finance, addressing specific needs such as appointment scheduling, student enrollment, property listings, and portfolio management.

Customization and Integration:

A low-code environment that allows users to customize their applications, integrate third-party APIs, and incorporate third-party apps, ensuring flexibility and seamless adaptation as businesses evolve.

Interconnected Ecosystem:

Creation of multiple interconnected applications within a single account, ensuring seamless data flow and functionality integration, enhancing operational efficiency.


Robust architecture that supports the development of scalable solutions, ready to support large user bases, with a team of adept developers available to ensure seamless scalability tailored to individual needs. is not just a tool; it is the future of application development, offering inclusivity, efficiency, scalability, and unparalleled customization.

Problem solved by startup addresses the challenges non-developers face in hiring for prototypes and developers’ struggles with learning curves, coding bugs, and lengthy sprints. By leveraging Generative AI for requirement gathering, database creation, and automatic API and frontend generation, it enables rapid application development for users.