New Appliku landing page

Hello, everyone!

Here comes version two of landing page!

Is the messaging clear?

Does LP answer all needed questions?

There are couple links that point to nowhere, but the page itself is ready.


Hey man. First, I must say I’m not a developer and I did not understand anything :smile:
But I can give you feedback from a perspective of a (beginning) UI designer.

You pulled so many information chunks on your main page. This is overwhelming. I would move the “Only add a Procfile”, “Manage your app with our Dashboard” and “Databases included” to another page.
Also F.A.Q. can be moved away too to keep it more lightweight and solid.

By the way. This part looks very strong. Why not to try to use it on the top Hero block?

I must say the landing page looks slick and well-knitted. Good job on the UI part!

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