Open Source Wiki Software?

Hi everyone,

Do you know any good Wiki software out there? Thinking of making my own Wiki that will allow to browse pages like on the original Wikipedia, suggest edits and moderate the suggestions collaboratively.

I’m currently looking at MediaWiki, but it’s written in PHP and I’d like something that I’d be able to work with in JS / TS, preferrably something that’s maintained and well-written, that I can host myself or in cloud.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @Valentine_Erokhin
You should give Wiki.js a try. Its opensource and well maintained.

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Try GitBook!
The perfect way to check out GitBook is to see this awesome life-wiki of Nikita Vloboev:

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Thanks a lot for the idea! I also found Wiki JS very interesting and even set up a test project on my machine, but found that it’s a bit too powerful for my needs – I would need to spend lots of time boiling it down to a minimalistic version I’d personally like. Also it doesn’t have a feature of submitting updates for articles and have them reviewed by the author, which is the main thing I need for a wiki-like product. But it’s great I like it

Gitbook seems to be what I look for because a) it has great UI/UX
and b) it has the “Edit on Github” feature where you can submit updates for pages . I already started building my own wiki with Hasura and Gatsby but I guess I’ll scrap those and use Gitbook :grinning:

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I just stumbled upon
Outline is an open-sourced NodeJS wiki-engine.

It looks smooth and very well supported!

Hi there, welcome to the community! This looks smooth: actually, I have just completed the switch from Gitbook to this since it’s offers all the same features and a tag-based navigation, but the one you shared also looks very very cool. I’m afraid since it’s server-side rendered it doesn’t offer as smooth of a SEO as Gatsby so not sure if I want to switch yet

Hi Valentine.

I like how it looks and works. How much time did it take to set up such a pretty Wiki? Does it require much coding skills?

By the way, perhaps you may want to merge those similar tags (javascript, Javascript and JavaScript):


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