Organizedly - Notes, todo's, and calendar together

We are looking for beta-users and feedback!

Organizedly is a tool for linked note-taking and task management with a focus on increasing the productivity of its users. There are hundreds of apps for notes and tasks out there, but a few things make Organizedly stand out.

  1. Manage your knowledge in one place. Notes, tasks, and a calendar are essential building blocks for productivity and they should be tied closely together.
  2. Drag-and-drop tasks from your todo-list directly to your calendar.
  3. You can write todo’s inside a note, in a todo-list, or the calendar and it is automatically synced across the board.
  4. Queries that show notes dynamically based on their content.
  5. Graph view that shows how notes are related to each other. You can traverse the graph by clicking on the notes.

Feel free to try it out at

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