Paperless: your personal document management system

Hey everyone,
I am the founder of Paperless-home, a hosting service for the amazing paperless-ngx document management system. After having used paperless-ngx myself for quite a while, I found it so incredibly useful that I wanted everyone to know about it and be able to use it. Unfortunately, it needs to be installed on a server which has to be set up and maintained correctly, and I figured that not everyone knows how to do that or wants to deal with it. This is why I made Paperless-home!

The problem
Almost anywhere you live, you have to deal with a lot of important documents: invoices, receipts, certificates, statements, agreements, reports, and whatever else would land on your desk or in your office. Most of these, you are better off keeping for various reasons, be it for warranties, insurances, taxes or simply as proof just in case. But keeping them both well organized and easily available at any time is quite a challenge. Anyone who has spent time digging through piles of paper or searching in some chaotic digital folder with hundreds of files knows the hassle.

The solution
With your own Paperless, you can have your stuff both organized and available without compromise. Use it as your digital archive and organize everything into correspondents, document types, custom tags etc… But actually, no need to set a correspondent by yourself: just tell Paperless what keywords to look for in a document and it will do it automatically! And whenever you need to access a document, just filter or do a full-text-search using a browser or a mobile app.

Who is this for?
My personal use case is pretty simple: I want to be able to find any document (or information on a document) of mine within a minute - no matter what it is, when I received it, or where I am when I currently need it. But other use cases that come to mind include managing family documents, small to medium sized businesses, offices, clubs, facilities, you name it.

How it works
Well, why not just try for yourself: head over to the playground and see what it could be like to use Paperless with documents already imported and organized. You can even try out if your physical scanner or your preferred mobile app is able to scan directly into that Paperless. Find it on !

Please do leave some feedback if you try it out and let me know what you think of the project!