Peter from Europe

Hey everyone,

time to say hi. I’m Peter. It started off with Startup Name Check in 2018. Since then I’ve built more side-projects (and written about). And I’m still on it.

I’m traveling and currently in Tbilisi, Georgia so let me know if you are around.



Hey Peter! Nice to meet you man. I plan to go to Tbilisi in November too. Hope to meet you there.

Hey Alex,

Awesome - let’s see if the virus allows tho. At the moment, it doesn’t look like much traveling is happening this year. Keep me posted!


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Second wave coming there won’t be many trips this year I guess… @alexanderisora

Ahaha, yes :sweat_smile:
Are you still in Tbilisi?

Yupp, I’m still here.

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Nice seeing you around here!

haha, yeah, I’m hanging out in various places

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