PileBlocks WEB3 P2E Strategy MG where players collect images from tiles

This game is with us for some time, but since nobody knows about it, I would like to shed some light by announcing the game idea and the great phylosophy which stands behind it.

Game Type : Multiplayer eco strategy


After being a safe and prosperous place for decades, the planet Pile gets agonized after a sudden meteor rain contaminating it with poisonous substances. Would you join our mission to bring its Islands back to life?


The game community takes any NFT on any blockchain platform and divides it into 32x32 pixel fields. Let’s call each such field a mini-game.

In each mini-game players compete with each other to fill these 32x32 = 1024 tiles with the correct colors. The winner is identified among top-3 players by their input using the probability.

https://pileblocks.github.io/img/screenshot_4_2.png https://pileblocks.github.io/img/screenshot_4_3.png https://pileblocks.github.io/img/screenshot_4_4.png

The mini-game winner starts farming a certain mineral.

When all mini-games are over, one of the players who has enough minerals can exchange them for the initial NFT. The minerals can be traded meanwhile during the tournament which also creates the P2P market.


  • This game can entertain any NFT community when the NFT sell activity is over and the next sell won’t be soon enough.
  • It is open-source, check the repo: https://github.com/pileblocks/pileblocks
  • It is fully on-chain and relies only on smart contracts . This means that there is no obscure 2D or 3D engine logic or some tricky backend which controlls everything. The code is the law.
  • It has the Everscale blockchain under the hood which is famous for handling massive amounts of transactions at low gas fees. Just imagine that every game is 150-200 transactions, how expensive would it be to have it on ETH?
  • PileBlocks supports game loot using its own NFTs

My take

I fully support pure WEB3 open source and full-on-chain projects. I discourage projects when somebody adds a crypto wallet to a conventional WEB2 game and calls this WEB3. Thus, if you enjoy WEB3 gaming in the pure crypto-punk-all-on-smarts style, please join the community and see if you find the game fun. Additionally, the team offers some interesting welcome prizes to newcomers.

Game Info

Website: https://pileblocks.com
App: https://app.pileblocks.com
Telegram group: https://t.me/pileblocks_group
Token: PILE

To test the game, you will need EVER Wallet and a few PILE tokens. You can easily charge your wallet using the ecosystem’s bridge solution called Octus Bridge

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