ProAgentboard: All-in-one app you need for your business


I am very excited to present a project. I worked on this project for months and finally launched it after many challenges and thoughts of giving it up.

It is a Saas type product that offers the possibility to quickly create and send “Commercial Offers” in a friendly and creative format. It is more focused on Commercial Offers, but also includes:

  • Leads / Clients
  • Invoices (Reminders, Recurring, templates… etc.)
  • Payments (Automatically receive payments on invoices sent to clients)

All in one dashboard.

Of course it supports “workspaces”, I called it “Companies”. With the same account you manage several companies, each company has its own data + members.

We are still working on translations (dashboard can be translated into several languages)

I want to develop this project further, I have many ideas planned (roadmap).

I really need feedback. Thank you for your attention.


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Hello Dima! Nice to meet you here.
I moved your topic to the Money, finance & startup funding category if you do not mind :slight_smile:

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