PromptReaper launch - ask for feedback

Hello Broadwise Community!

I’m excited to introduce, a no-code platform designed to enhance workflows with AI. Currently, we’re in public beta and offer the following features:

  • Table View: Streamline repetitive tasks by replacing traditional ChatGPT chats. This is achieved through prompt templating, utilizing the ChatGPT model.
  • Prompt Template Library: A curated collection of templates ready for use.
  • AI-Powered Prompt Template Generator: Describe your requirement and provide sample data; our tool will craft the right template for you.
  • Shareable Tables: Collaborate with peers by sharing your tables.
  • Batch Processing: For handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Here are some exciting ways our AI prompt generator can be utilized:

One major benefit is overcoming the token limitations often faced with AI.

You’re not limited to our templates! Use your own data and customize templates to fit your needs. For example:

Coming Soon to PromptReaper :

  • Automation via API & Zapier: Seamlessly write emails or process form submissions without manual intervention.
  • Expanded Model Selection: We’re integrating more models like GPT-4, ChatGPT 16K, LLaMA2, along with options for parameter tuning.
  • Image & Speech Capabilities: Delve into image and speech generation and recognition, leveraging technologies like Stable Diffusion XL and Google Speech.
  • AI-Powered Knowledge Base: Implement a smart search function that offers dynamic context to prompts, tailoring AI responses to specific needs.
  • Community Features: Emphasizing the sharing of prompt templates and processing pipelines – always available at no cost.

Our overarching mission is to democratize AI. We aim to offer no-code solutions for challenges that typically demand coding expertise.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you envision any specific use cases for yourself or others with PromptReaper? Do you think something is missing?

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