Qureos - Accelerate Your Career

Qureos is a UAE-based startup founded by Alexander Epure, Mehrad Yaghmai, and Usama Nini in August 2021.

With a mission to accelerate 100 million careers, Qureos is an EdTech startup that revolutionizes the way young people learn by offering one-on-one mentorships, hands-on projects, and masterclasses across in-demand fields in Tech.

Qureos has been able to achieve an organic growth of 200,000+ users and attract mentors from leading organizations, including Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Amazon, Cisco, and more than 100 business partners globally.

Today Qureos stands at the unique intersection of the EdTech and HR Tech spaces, leveraging technology to not only transform the way people learn but also to help companies find and hire the best talent.

Qureos is now set to broaden its digital transformation endeavors and expand its footprint in the growing MENA region.

Website: https://www.qureos.com/

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