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Hello, I am the co-founder and CEO of Ellacard. Our platform helps friends, family, and coworkers celebrate one another’s personal and professional achievements. We have three products: our group cards, videos, and gift cards. All are collaborative, and use sophisticated software to combine contributions into a high quality, personalized gift.

Our website:

We have several landing pages depending on which product a potential customer is interested in, and we have noticed that our video landing page has a much higher bounce rate. We’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback on it.

Here is the page: Video landing page .
Specifically we are interested to know if what our product is comes across, and whether its main value proposition, that you don’t have to do any video editing, is clear.

If you want to try out our products for free, here are two links for a free card and a free video respectively:
Free Card
Free Video

Thank you! Ellacard

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