- Share your secrets without leaving a digital footprint

Hey all!

A group of us recently built It’s a free and secure alternative to sending sensitive data to friends, family, and colleagues via SMS, email, or any other communications app. It avoids giving your secrets a new life on other people’s devices or apps!

Thought I’d share on here and see if there’s any feedback or traction. If yes, we’d love to learn more about your use case. If we see traction, we’ll invest more time in it.

How it works works by swapping your sensitive plaintext secret with a shareable single-use link. Once opened by a recipient, your secret will be revealed and then destroyed. After that, it cannot be used again.

Can you trust it? was built by and on top of Basis Theory, a VC-funded tokenization platform that helps devs secure, manage and use their sensitive data. Your secret is encrypted and stored in its PCI Level 1 data vault and SOC 2 certified environment until it is claimed or expired (i.e. when we destroy it).

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