Share data between multiple spreadsheet - Google Sheets

Hello, I’m khalid Hamdani, I want to introduce you to a small project I’ve been working on for a while.

I have been using spreadsheets on daily basis, they are a great way either to gather data or manipulate it. As well as they are frequently used to export data from or to other systems.

They are great, however, I usually encounter performance issues. Such as, when many people connect to the same sheet with me, it becomes slow and it causes productivity loss. As well as, when I have formulas that are connected to other sheets, It becomes messy and errors occur quite often. And my biggest problem was how to synchronize and update specific cells of data between two sheets or more, and let data flow between them.

Here where the idea of OceanSheet came up, which is basically a tool that automates this by creation a reliable connection between all my sheet and visualizing relationships between them.

As this tool creation is still in process, I would like to know if you are interested in using it someday. Your feedback is really valuable to me. If yes! Please leave your email on so that I can notify you when the application is ready for launch.

Thank you

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