Should we open-source some of our tech?

Hi everyone!

I’m the founder of Phonic, a platform for surveys that can be answered with voice.

One of the things we’ve had to do at Phonic is get really good at embedding microphones and video recorders various places on the web. We’ve integrated with other survey platforms, websites and more. One of the things we’ve developed on the way is an attractive UI widget that can be injected just about anywhere.

It’s only about 1000 lines of Javascript, but it can handle different devices, browsers, encoding audio in MP3 or WAV, video recording controls, embedding multiple recorders on the same page efficiently, etc. Below is a screenshot of one such recorder. Think intercom, but for recording audio and video files.

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 9.07.53 PM

Given the number of voice and video apps out there, I have no doubt this code is being re-written thousands of times with different UI wrappers. Even among node packages there are a large variety of low-level encoding options but not much in the way of “out of the box” components for duck-tape coders to play with.

Despite its paltry size, we’ve considered open sourcing this code as a JS library or node module. We think it would be fun, interesting to see if there is interest, and a potentially valuable way to grow brand exposure. Probably not a ton of immediate business value (certainly not the usual open-source business model).

Has anyone ever open-sourced a small but highly leveraged project like this? Should we open source this?

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