Struggling finding a idea that is validated? Copy a giant and Don’t waste your time building a product that no one cares about

After two weeks of sleepless nights, finally done with my pet project for my fellow SaaS enthusiasts. “Ideas”

We are on a mission to help bootstrappers and indie hackers to find validated micro SaaS idea . We know how demotivating it is to build a product that no one cares about; we’ve been in this situation couple of times before.

We provide you micro SaaS ideas directly in your inbox. Don’t waste your time building a product that no one cares about . Get in-depth analysis of SaaS giants and insights on where they lack. So you can target that niche.

Whatever we write is backed by data . We read endless blogs, websites, listen to podcasts, and curate paid data from researches. On top of that, we apply our SaaS marketing expertise so that you don’t have to.

Subscribe now ( and get your first article for free. We have dissected INTERCOM - A 50M+ ARR SaaS company to its roots.

I haven’t shared this with the world yet, I wanted to share with the close community like these and get some early feedback. I’d really appreciate your feedback.

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Pick a proven business model and improve/niche it down/re-invent UX.
I love this approach :+1:

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