Swift Product - Convert your Idea in Product Documentations

Hey everyone,

I’ve been quietly working on a little project for the past few months, and I’m excited to share it with you. As a solo creator, I’d love to get some feedback and attention from users like you.

Link: https://swiftproduct.io/

Introducing Swift Product, an AI tool I built to make the tedious task of generating product documentation a breeze. As a lifelong Product Manager, writing documentation isn’t the sexiest part of the job. But with this tool, I can speed up the process. It helps me create the initial structure or turn my new feature ideas into a quick documentation draft.

I genuinely believe it could be useful for others, just like it has been for me. It’s a freemium tool, so you can test it out for free. Share your thoughts right here in this post—I’d be incredibly grateful for any attention and feedback.

I’m also looking forward to chatting with you in the comments and addressing any feedback you might have.

Thanks a bunch in advance!