The blogging feature (blogs)

Say ‘hello’ to Blogs. From now on Unicorn Platform allows you to create not only website pages but also have a blog.

Feel free to share what is on your mind, suggest an idea, or report a bug.

Looking forward to trying this out!

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Hello blogs!

I played a bit with Unicorn Platform and was quite impressed, so I had to give the blog feature a go. I had just gone through the pain of setting up self-hosted Wordpress blog, so I wish the feature had come a few weeks earlier. That said, I have not produced much content yet on WP or established my presence/habits, so it might not be too late to switch to UP if worth it - although I already invested in self-hosting for a year…

Anyway, initial feedback after a few minutes: I like the simplicity, ease of use and integration with LP. Two things on the minus side: the default URL is “blog-post-[number]”, I would have liked an option to make it “blog-title” by default for all posts (WP allows this). Also, when adding an image, I would like to change the size of it. I have found yet if there is a way to do so.

Re: speed and SEO performance vs a self-hosted WP solution, I would appreciate any opinion from the community as I am new to this.

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