The Great CEO Within - a Google Docs ebook

I just started reading this. The book seems a solid read :grinning:

Check out the ToS to understand more what is this book about:

Table of Contents
Essential Reading

Part I – The Beginning
Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: The Team

Part II — Individual Habits
Chapter 3: Getting Things Done
Chapter 4: Inbox Zero
Chapter 5: Top Goal
Chapter 6: On Time and Present
Chapter 7: When You Say It Twice, Write It Down
Chapter 8: Gratitude and Appreciation
Chapter 9: Energy Audit and Zone of Genius
Chapter 10: Health

Part III — Group Habits
Chapter 10: Decision-Making
Chapter 11: Loudest Voice in the Room
Chapter 12: Impeccable Agreements and Consequences
Chapter 13: Transparency
Chapter 14: Conflict Resolution and Issue Identification
Chapter 15: Conscious Leadership
Chapter 16: Customer Obsession
Chapter 17: Culture

Part IV — Infrastructure
Chapter 18: Company Folder system and Wiki
Chapter 19: Goal-Tracking System
Chapter 20: Areas of Responsibility (AORs)
Chapter 21: No Single Point of Failure
Chapter 22: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Part V — Collaboration
Chapter 23: Meetings
Chapter 24: Feedback
Chapter 25: Organizational Structure

Part VI — Processes
Chapter 26: Fundraising
Chapter 27: Recruiting
Chapter 28: Sales
Chapter 29: Marketing

Part VII — Other Departments
Chapter 30: Executive
Chapter 31: Product
Chapter 32: Engineering
Chapter 33: People
Chapter 34: Finance
Chapter 35: Legal

Part VIII – Appendices
Appendix A: Common Mistakes
Appendix B: Recommended Recruitment Process
Appendix C: Sample Area of Responsibility (AOR) List
Appendix D: Board of Directors
Appendix E: Further Reading
Appendix F: Personal