Unicorn Platform — landing page builder for startups

Unicorn Platform is the modern landing page builder for startups. The tool is designed to be as simple and pleasant to use as possible.
The customization possibilities are limited. In exchange you can create a landing page for SaaS, mobile app or any startup really fast.

Unicorn Platform won the #1 Product of a Day award on Product Hunt. Twice.

Website: https://unicornplatform.com/
Twitter: @unicornplatform
Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/unicorn-platform-v2-0
Changelog: see in Notion.


HTML export is here!
Announcing the most demanded feature of 2019. Download your website as HTML/CSS/JS and host anywhere you want.

Aw yeah, the sweet Stripe Checkout integration has arrived. Enjoy!

The guide: https://help.unicornplatform.com/en/articles/3684234-stripe-checkout-integration