Unicorn Platform — landing page builder for startups

Unicorn Platform is the modern landing page builder for startups. The tool is designed to be as simple and pleasant to use as possible.
The customization possibilities are limited. In exchange you can create a landing page for SaaS, mobile app or any startup really fast.

Unicorn Platform won the #1 Product of a Day award on Product Hunt. Twice.

Website: https://unicornplatform.com/
Twitter: @unicornplatform
Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/unicorn-platform-v2-0
Changelog: see in Notion.


HTML export is here!
Announcing the most demanded feature of 2019. Download your website as HTML/CSS/JS and host anywhere you want.

Aw yeah, the sweet Stripe Checkout integration has arrived. Enjoy!

The guide: https://help.unicornplatform.com/en/articles/3684234-stripe-checkout-integration

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Gosh, I finally released this feature. Background images is what people asked for dozens and dozens of times.

Say hello to the new team member - Asad!

I was lucky to be noticed by Asad. Yet he is young, Asad already has received a super relevant experience when he was working with the Craftwork team.

Asad will be helping with one of the most important parts of Unicorn Platform - the customer support.

Fun fact: this is what Asad got in his first day working on Unicorn Platform:

Priceless! :hushed:

I’m excited to work more with this man and implement his ideas not only in the customer success part, but in marketing and product too.

I took a short interview with Asad so you can learn more about this guy:

Hi! Please tell us more about yourself.

Hi everyone! I am so excited to write answers to Alex’s questions and introduce myself to you. My name is Asad (the full name is Asadbek) and I’m 18 years old. Currently, I live in Moscow, but I came from Uzbekistan, a country in Middle Asia. I lived there for most of my life and moved to Russia last September when I went to University. I study at an internet-marketing faculty. I study extramurally (remotely from anywhere), so I have a lot of spare time. Usually, most of my time is devoted to studying, not only my institute subjects but hobbies and work skills also. So, I am a web developer, marketer, and guitarist😎(oh yeah, I will share my songs with you). But most of my time is devoted to web developing, it’s the main thing that I want to dive into.

Tell about your past experience.

My last (and generally the first) work experience was in Craftwork (https://craftwork.design). So, what can I tell you about is this place and the experience I had there. It’s a great cozy team with super cool (absolutely the best) designers, illustrators, and web developers. I took the place of the manager there. I did all work devoted to the community side (support, contacting different persons with different purposes, creating email digests, and etc), copywriting (announcements texts, articles) also I did some marketing work too, however not everything was effective enough (after all, it was my first experience). So, I grabbed a huge bag of experience there and I am very thankful to all my supportive teammates. I have worked half a year there and after some personal problems, I had to leave my team. Anyway, I had a good time there and learned a lot.

What are you going to do in Unicorn Platform?

Oh, this is the most fascinating part. I consider my missions are to involve more people in Unicorn Platform and bring it to the next level. I really like Alex’s approach to his creation and to his users. I was inspired by what he has done alone and thought that with a new additional approach Unicorn Platform would become even better and more people will use it as the main tool. Currently, I am acting as a support specialist but there are so many ideas that are coming to my mind. I am going to handle the marketing of Unicorn Platform and soon I will start creating interesting content for our users (a secret so far, but soon you will know about it😉). I think that by focusing our efforts together, we can make Unicorn Platform better for you.

What are your plans for the future?

This question is the hardest for me to answer because I am only 18 years old and I am only at the beginning of my journey. But I am focusing on web development at the moment, this is the thing that I want to do in my life.

Also new: custom colors and fonts!
Something people truly needed :cowboy_hat_face:


Aw-w yeah, this one is huge.
Unicorn Platform has finally got its own form builder. No more need for 3rd party services to collect visitors’ data.

Now you can add multiple fields including:

  • email
  • name
  • phone
  • dropdown
  • websites
  • text
  • or add an ‘other’ type field.

There are also advanced settings. You can set up a page redirect or emit a custom JS event after form submission. Marketers will be happy :laughing:

Excited to tell you that your websites became faster: the content is served from two CDNs.


We use the old good AWS Cloudfront CDN for static files such as HTML, CSS, and icons.
As for images, they are served from the Uploadcare CDNs. Guys have 240k nodes across 135 countries.

The map image by Amazon.

The rich text editor is here!

Feel free to add links, lists, headers and emoji to your text:

301 redirects have arrived! :sunglasses:

View update on IH or Twi.

New realistic device mockups have arrived!


Latest Unicorn Platform updates:

  1. Google Sheet integration.
    Your Unicorn Platform form now can send visitors’ emails and other data straight into your Google Sheet spreadsheet. Works like a charm!
    The guide: https://help.unicornplatform.com/en/articles/4173611-google-sheets-integration-for-forms

  2. Alts for images.
    You can now set ALT attributes for images. Good for SEO.

  3. Cache.
    From now on, we cache each page for 5 minutes. It allows us to serve websites faster.

Coming next:

  1. BLOGS!
    We are actively working on the blogging functionality. It will be a simple and lightweight solution for both personal and corporate blogs. Join the waitlist to try it first:

  2. Modern image formats (WebP, Jpeg200) for even faster loading speed.


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