Welcome to Wealthyhood!

Hi Broadwise community!

We just wanted to welcome you to Wealthyhood, a Smart, Personalized and Commission-free, next-generation Money Manager that brings you the best of two worlds :

  • Personalized : Enjoy the ease of use and choice of modern trading apps . You are always in control over the decision-making.
  • Smart : Leverage the guidance of a next-gen money manager , with insights, automated tools, rebalancing and personalized touch.
  • Free : With no fees and no commissions, your money is free to grow to its full potential.

Manage your money your way :

  • Create your personal fully-customizable investment plan in 5’.
  • We 'll guide you through your journey, with smart insights, visual tools, real-time projections & full transparency.
  • No minimum investment , so you can grow along with your money.
  • The cherry on top? IT IS FREE . No commissions, no trading costs, no custody fees, so no one takes a bite from your meal. Check out how much you can save.

We are looking for beta users for our product and we offer a 6-month Pro account for free if you use this link to get early access to Wealthyhood https://wealthyhood.com?grsf=b13lws!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Hey Alexandros! Welcome to the community.

I did not understand the idea behind Weathyhood. At first I thought that your product is a portfolio tracker. But then I saw this: “Your money is safe and FSCS protected.” Does it mean I will have to transfer my money to you?

Hi Alexander, the product is not just a money tracker. It is a money management app (an investment platform). We help users construct their portfolio, then invest into it and then track the value of their portfolio.

Oh I see, thanks for the details.

I really need to trust someone to give money for storing and managing. You seem to be a very young company ( the first tweet was on the 10 May 2020). How do you plan to earn trust?

If I were you, I would start with a simpler offer (e.g. portfolio tracker only, no money management). And then, after getting a loyal audience, I would offer funds managing.

What do you think?

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