Why do we need another online community?

Hey! The admin of Broadwise.org is here.

Many people asked me “Why do we need another community? We have Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, online chats, Reddit. And Facebook after all.”.

That is true - today we have plenty of places to discuss stuff online. But all of the existing solutions have one thing in common: they offer a stream (feed) of topics. When topics are streamed, they are perceived as something passing. Tomorrow your topic or post will be gone forever and no one will ever remember it and its comments. People are not motivated to write meaty replies because their work will be gone forever in a few hours.

A structured forum like Broadwise.org with categories gives another experience. Topics are kept featured for months or even years. Users are motivated to write meaningful replies and therefore deep conversations appear.

Another cool thing is that a conversation can last for months or even (years!) because old threads are bumped up when a new reply appears.

It doesn’t mean Broadwise.org says no to fun: we discuss news and post memes here too. But it is only one part of the community. The majority of users here want to contribute and get deeper insights from each other.