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I'm launching NOW! Ask the community to support your launch on Product Hunt, Reddit, Indie Hackers, Hacker News, etc. Content marketing Write awesome content and promote your service. How to do that? Discuss here. Sales Discuss sales techniques and discover the best CRMs around. Email marketing Emails are still awesome. Learn how to use them for your good. Blogging Blogging is a fun and useful thing to do. You can also promote your startup or service through a blog. Feel free to create a dedicated thread and promote your own blog (example). SEO Everything about search engine optimization. SMM Social networks are goldmines of our world.
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Challenge: Pitch your startup idea in 1 sentence

This type of challenge is very popular on IndieHackers. So I decided to adopt is here on Broadwise.org too :sunglasses: So, try to pitch your project in 1 short sentence. It is actually a helpful exercise: if you are s…

2 December 8, 2019
A blog about making and launching startups and side projects 1 February 4, 2020
Do you have a blog? 2 January 3, 2020
Growth and marketing automation tools 1 December 8, 2019
A handmade collection of 23 SEO and keyword tools

A list of tools for SEO. I’ve gathered all those manually. Source. SEO tools Ahrefs [PH] - A powerful service to count and analyze backlinks to a domain. Semrush - Solid SEO toolkit. Moz Tools - All your keyword r…

2 December 8, 2019
A list of 31 email marketing tools 1 December 8, 2019
UX is everything 1 December 6, 2019
Link building for SEO: yay or nay?
2 December 2, 2019
About the 🌟 Marketing & Sales category 2 November 22, 2019