Any examples of good marketing automation flow?

Hey. I’m going to set up some email marketing automation for my SaaS. I want to discover good examples.

I’m already a user of dozens of services: Intercom, Zapier, TypeForm, Spark, Uploadcare, Notion. But i do not remember anything about what they were sending to me. I’m blind to any type of marketing and instantly close such messages. I’m going to search the inbox and discover their marketing chain though.

Would you recommend some SaaS projects who did this job very well? I would like to learn from them :slight_smile:

If anyone also knows good articles or a book on the email marketing automation, please share it here.

I’m also curious how often do you guys interact with email marketing messages:

  • I read every email from companies and actively participate in the offerings (webinars, promo).
  • I skim emails but I rarely click.
  • I read only important emails (account, billing info).

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