Any other launch-stage promotion platforms besides PH and Betalist?

I mean, everyone goes to PH to launch something. But one site can only provide so much traction.
Here’s my list so far:

Any others you know? This one is also on Wrenches, my knowledge base, so I’ll update it there with new stuff posted here. Rocket emoji is too banal for launch-related discussion so take a turtle :turtle: .

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Hey Valentine. Turtles are cool, but what about penguins?

Here are some subreddits to help you at the beginning. Please note that each subreddit is a community with its own rules and traditions. Read the rules before shooting your self-promo link there.

:penguin: /r/AlphaandBetausers
:penguin: /r/Coupons
:penguin: /r/DesignCritiques
:penguin: /r/Entrepreneur
:penguin: /r/IMadeThis
:penguin: /r/IndieBiz
:penguin: /r/LadyBusiness
:penguin: /r/RoastMyStartup
:penguin: /r/ShamelessPlug
:penguin: /r/SideProject
:penguin: /r/SmallBusiness
:penguin: /r/Startups

The source of this subreddit list is this great collection of communities for a startup launch:

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Oh, cool. I’ll not just read the rules – I’ll join the discussion for now and check what others post there. Thanks for the awesome list, haven’t seen this before. To add some more to the list:

  • r/sideprojects
  • r/betatests
  • r/usefulwebsites
  • r/ppc
  • r/dropship
  • r/advancedentrepreneur
  • r/entrepreneurridealong
  • r/juststart
  • r/sales


  • r/javascript (Showoff Saturday Threads
  • r/webdev (Showoff Saturday Threads)
  • r/coding
  • r/gamedev
  • r/programming (with exceptions)
  • r/developer
  • r/opensource
  • r/opensourcegames
  • r/iosapps
  • r/androidapps
  • r/androidapptesters
  • r/apps
  • r/webapps
  • r/testmyapp

So many communities, so little time


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